Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Hello Fall. Goodbye Chapped Skin.

Ladybug Blessings welcomes the crisp Fall air, the vibrant orange and red hues and comfortable wardrobe. We also prepare for the dry skin and chapped lips, which is fashioned by the wind that blows the leaves. Our Natural Lip Balm comes in nine different flavors and a chap lips kiss goodbye guarantee! These little golden gems are flying off our shelves quicker than we can get them made, estimated sells of over 20,000 a year. We are still grounded in old-fashion values and making each tube handmade with only natural ingredients that you can pronounce and comprehend! 

Our Kentucky home has weather patterns all its own. We fight bi-polar weather weekly, if not daily. Thankfully, our Oatmeal Soap and Shea Butter Cream fit perfectly for four seasons weather presented in a short seven days period. Both products, the Oatmeal Soap and Shea Butter Cream target dry skin without the oily affect found in most American bath and body products. The natural ingredients assure quick and affective absorption for smooth, none itchy and comfortable skin. 

Our goal is to give you the gift of soft smooth skin 365 days a year. Crisp weather and windy conditions shouldn't bring itchy dry skin, but instead bring a comfortable wardrobe and numerous colorful memories. We are here to help you make memories, not spend time your time uncomfortable in your own skin.

We specialize in comfortable skin. Shea butter is a natural ingredient traced back to ancient Egypt as a moisturizer. Most of the raw Shea Butter comes from African countries, as it likes to grow in warm climates.  Its beneficial properties are wide and various, but hold nothing, but positive affects of moisturizing your skin. Its long history reminds us that it was not something created in a lab, but found in our earths dwelling years ago.

Shea Butter is found in all of our moisturizers:

It is also in all our Homemade Soaps which come in all the fragrances under the sun. It is also part of our Oatmeal Soap ingredients. We make sure to pack our products full of all the beneficial, effective and natural we can find. We present and serve you with five-star products at an affordable price. Our promise is to bless your bath and bless your skin! If you are shopping for yourself, your friends, your store or even trying to start a fundraiser we are here for you. Check us out at Ladybug Blessings

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Natural Bath Products- Dry Skin Solutions

Natural Bath Products is brought to you by Ladybug Blessings. Ladybug Blessings is a family owned company that produces a luxuriuos natural handcrafted bath products line. We really enjoy what we do and our heartbeat is to continually offer natural skin care, solutions to dry itchy skin as well as help to maintain healthy skin.

At the age of 35, I was still battling dry itchy skin with no signs of soothing comfort anytime soon. Itch was constant, cracking was not uncommon, in the depths of winter it would even get worse. Lotion didn't really help; even though ate times I was consuming 3 bottles a week.

When first given a bar of natural handmade soap, I really did not expect any change and honestly feared it could get worse. I was so very wrong. My bath with a natural handmade soap was the first time I could remember getting out of the bath or shower without itching.

I was hooked to know more about natural bath products, especially soap and needed to know why they performed as they did. Countless researching began and a year later Ladybug Blessings Natural Soap and Bath Products was a reality.

Today we continue to offer a natural bath products line as well as natural soaps and more. Ladybug Blessings is presented thru trade shows, craft shows, and an online presence. One can also find our line via our successful fundraisers and in various stores.

Ladybug Blessings is excited about hosting this new blog. Thank you for joining us along our journey. Discovering the joys, blessings and benefits of natural bath and body can truly make a difference!